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The past few weekends after we got back from traveling seemed like the perfect time to get out and enjoy our city a bit. While I love traveling and seeing new places I’m one of those people that is often ready to go home at the end. I’ve been in various other places since mid-december so it’s nice to slow down and enjoy just puttering around town.

I really enjoy where I live these days, I love driving down out of the mountains to the city, I love all the varied neighborhoods and interesting food. I love the way the light changes in Los Angeles and how it always looks a bit different and I’m a sucker for all the palm trees against the bright blue sky!


A few saturdays ago, after all my unpacking chores were done I hopped in the Falcon and drove down the curvy streets and freeways of Los Angeles to downtown to check out the WeeGee show at MOCA. It happened to be a free day at all of the museums which made it even more awesome.

“Naked in Hollywood: Weegee in Los Angeles” covers the time the photographer Weegee spent covering the Hollywood scene in Los Angeles during 1947. It’s a huge show filled with over 200 photographs, films and other historical bits. I really enjoyed this show, if you have any interest in either photography or Hollywood it’s gonna be right up your ally. To see the different manipulations he did to his photographs, all in the darkroom before computers, was great. That along with the films in the show really give you a look into his eye on Hollywood. A bit lecherous, a bit envious, sexy, confrontational.

The show runs till the 27th of this month so you have a few more weeks to go check it out. If you happen to be there at lunch or dinner on the weekend check out Starry Kitchen a few doors down, one of my favorite places to grab some Asian inspired yummy snacks.

Although that evening my fella and I meet back up for some ramen at Shin Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen in little Tokyo. My first time at this ramen joint recommended by a friend. It was really good, while I love me some Daikokuya I don’t like waiting in line. It’s nice to be able to walk into a place and just sit down, although there was a line when we went to leave- boo! I also like all the little add-ons you can pay extra for to amp up your ramen. mmm, corn!

Then this past weekend a whole lot of folks I know hopped in various cars, buses and clown cars to go to The Cacophony Society Zone Show at the Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana. Before the opening we all went to a screening of the movie Into the Zone: The Story of the Cacophony Society. I’m not gonna say much about this, if you know what the Cacophony Society is and you live in Los Angeles and you were not there last weekend get your butt to Santa Ana to check out the show. It’s great, and totally worth the drive. ’nuff said.

We got to check out the art walk in downtown Santa Ana, drink some swanky cocktails, and enjoy being somewhere a bit different. That’s what LA is all about for me, an endless sprawl of possibilities. You don’t have to get on a plane, just get in your car and drive a bit. Get off the freeway and see what happens, maybe it’s just me and how much I like it here but I find there is pretty much always something interesting at the other end of a half hour drive.

On the way home, we drove some surface streets to get to the right freeway and ended up cruising through downtown Orange at 10pm on a Saturday. A totally cute town filled with interesting looking antique stores, a cutie town park and some more interesting looking snacks. We even stopped for a late night snack at Bruxie- a Belgium waffle stand- yum! I’ll prolly pop down there in the near future to check that out. I love me some vintage shopping!

WeeGee Show at MOCA

Cacophony Show at Grand Central Art Center

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  1. Dawn February 9, 2012 at 9:13 am #

    Kinda bummed we missed the film screening/opening. I confess it’s partly due to my own ignorance (willful?) of the geography of Southern California. I stupidly thought Santa Ana was up north!