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Now the snacks. The treats, the poke, the cocktails and everything in between. The mister and I were on honeymoon so we made sure to live it up from one indulgent snack moment to the next.
The very first place we went in Hawaii was for cocktails at the Okolemalua Tiki Lounge in Kona. It was a nice walk from our hotel and we enjoyed the drinks there so much we went back the next evening for a night cap. It’s a bit away from the water, no view or anything. But the vibe is really chill, a nice mix of local folks and tourists looking for a really good drink! I really recommend visiting this fine drinking establishment for a pre-dinner cocktail before dinner somewhere else. They are making all of their drinks from scratch, with quality ingredients and using some of the older more obscure tiki drink recipes.
Also in Kona, one of our very favorite spots the whole trip Da Poke Shack. aw man, this place knows how to do it. It’s simple and basic but I would go here all of the time if it was in LA. As it is, we went there three times on our vacation. Once we got take out for lunch, the next day for a late breakfast and then on the last day on our way to the airport. You choose one kind of poke, one side, white or brown rice and it all goes into a brown container of happiness.The poke is crazy fresh, each time we went there the guy was cutting up some giant fish for another batch. They’ll even let you taste the different flavors to figure out which one you want.
To say we like poke is kind of an understatement. We managed to eat it on average once a day for the entire trip.
Fri- Jackie Rays for dinner in Kona, poke appetizer
Sat- Da Poke Shack for lunch
Sun-Da Poke Shack for breakfast Malama Market poke with dinner
Mon- KTA Market poke with dinner
Tues and Wed were driving around days so we paid it forward from sun and had it twice on thur.
Thu- Kaleas in Pahoa for lunch, poke appetizer Malama Market poke with dinner
Fri- KTA Market poke with dinner
Sat- Foodland Market in Keaa poke with dinner
Sun- Hilo bay cafe in Hilo, poke appetizer
Mon- Da Poke Shack in Kona – last stop for poke!
We ate other stuff as well! We cooked a bunch at home because we really enjoy cooking and the house was also a good 45 minutes from town so it was nice to just chill out each night. It was also great to cook in a kitchen that’s about twice the size of ours. Pay no attention to the dolphin plates, those came with the house rental.
Seared tuna steak with bok choi and rice.
Beef teriyaki, coconut rice, grilled pineapple, greens.
Hawaiian grass fed beef hamburgers with mac nut basil goat cheese, avocado, spicy mayo side of seaweed and curly beans salad.
Seared tuna steak with Asian dipping sauce, seaweed salad with tobiko.
We tried to buy as locally as possible, for us because it was cheaper to buy things that didn’t have to be shipped in and because it’s more interesting to buy things that are different from the things you get at home. It was pretty awesome that grass fed beef and tuna are comparatively cheaper there than we pay here. The house was pretty stocked with spices, condiments and cooking stuff so we had fun cooking dinner! I think I could have made the plating look prettier but most of the time when dinner rolls around I just want to eat it instead of spending a bunch of time taking pictures of it.
Hawaii is filled with great food, it’s pretty much everywhere you stop. The farmers markets all have delicious treats from quick sandwiches and rice paper rolls to mochi treats and shave ice. road side food is also great, we ate some yummy plate lunches in and around Hilo. and the to-go food from the grocery stores served us super well on our day long trips to the Volcano Park. Nothing like pulling a yummy california roll rice bowl out of your cooler after your hike when all the other tourists are forced to buy a lousy hot dog.
a few other awesome stops:
Kawate Seed Shop in Hilo for shave ice. really, really good shave ice! be sure to buy some of the dried fruit snacks on the wall.
Mr. Ed’s Bakery in Honomu for jam. he’ll pull out all the flavors and let you try all of the delicious jam. even better, he’ll pack up your box and send it home for you so you don’t have to worry about fitting the jam in your suitcase. so awesome! even though i already have waaay too many canned goods at my house we bought some jam, mustard and bbq sauce. i may crack open a jar of Lilikoi Mustard and serve it with our roast chicken for dinner….
Volcano Island Honey near Honokaa. They have a really amazing honey, Silk Honey that is creamy and silky. It’s really quite amazing! We picked up a few jars and I wish I had bought more.
All of the Farmers Markets. Really, not kidding. A great place to get lunch, buy some groceries, a souvenir actually made on the island. We went to 6 different markets in our time there and all of them we’re great.
Punal u’u Bakery on the south side of the island. a great stop if coming to or going to the Volcano’s park or Hilo. really, really yummy Malasadas that come in different flavors or cream filled. Aw man, so tasty. Make it a point to stop in and take a little donut break. If you’re near there early in the morning (like we were waiting for them to open at 9am) there is a great coffee truck around the corner on the main street that serves a really good cup of kona coffee.
Well, that’s it for now. I’m sure I could cover more but those were a few of my favorites. It was a really great trip and we had so much fun!
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