Going: Then honeymoon!

After we exchanged our vows we got down to the awesomeness that was our honeymoon. I’ve uploaded a slew of pics to flickr ifa you want to see more pics of us climbing around volcano’s, drink cocktails, the house we stayed in and the food we ate.

For right now, a few highlights of our time in Hawaii and a few of my favorite things. We flew into Kona and stayed a few days there, then we drove over to the Puna district where we stayed in a rented house for the rest of the time. the difference between the two places was immense. Kona=cruise ship, Puna District= kinda like a cross between where we live in Tujunga and Venice Beach with a healthy dose of Mendocino County. IE= not a cruise ship.

The house we stayed in was a glorious, beautiful, amazing, Dwell magazine featured house. it was within walking distance of the beach. we could hear the waves each night crash against the rocks and we listened to the birds, the trees waving in the wind and generally blissed out on how peaceful it was. the whole living room area of the house was only made of screen windows. this meant it was kinda like being outside, you could hear everything in the forest, feel the air change, watch the light change.


The living room from the actual deck outdoors.

2012-12-miriamdemaThe screened porch living room towards the backyard.2012-13-miriamdema
The house made for a great place to jump off on all sorts of adventures. We went to the Volcano’s National Park and hiked all over the place, we went snorkeling about half an hour from the house at a great spot Kapoho Beach, we drove all over the place and then we came home and chilled the heck out enjoying the house.

My favorite was going to the Volcano’s National Park. We went three times! A first time to hike around a bunch of shorter trails. the trail of destruction, the steam vents, the lava tube and then to drive all the way down the Chain of Craters Drive to the ocean to see where the road used to go through. We walked out to the edge to scramble and climb over the lava. We took a break for some wine tasting and dinner and then went back to see the Caldera at night and to hear a talk about the Volcano Observatory celebrating it’s 100 year anniversary. Seeing the red glow at night was so great and completely mesmerizing! Then we went back again a few days later to hike into Kilauea Iki Crater and check out the open house at the Observatory. The hike was also a highlight of the trip. I’m not really known for ‘hiking’ much, but we got properly prepared, took snacks, slathered on sunscreen and it was super fun! Trekking all the way down, across the caldera and then back up was a really unique way to see the landscape.
2012-14-miriamdemaToxic smog! vog, they call it. 2012-15-miriamdemaLava towards the sea


The caldera at night.

Here’s some pics of the hike into the crater. it was crazy windy, really bright and very barren. it was great!




This is prolly where I would post some pics of our snorkeling but we left our phones and valuables at the house that day so we could both go in the water at the same time. But Kapoho Beach is really neat, it was only about half an hour from our house and really mellow when we went on a early Friday morning. there a ton of beach rentals right around there and it would be another great place to stay if you liked to snorkel, it’s only about half an hour from Hilo.

So those we’re some of my fav things, next up we’ll talk food because you know I like me some snacks! Man, I may have to go get some poke to stash in the fridge for eating after writing the next post 🙂

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