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Here it is, an actual wedding post! The opportunity to share a bit about how we got married, why and how much fun it was. I blog, I talk about all sorts of other awesome things like how great los angeles is, how i try (and occasionally succeed) to make good art. To not talk about it would be kinda weird. Here goes.

This guy:


I’ve known him a bit, l like him a whole lot. He’s pretty awesome.
We live together. We work together. We make stuff together like; our life, our home and some amazingly good times. Aw, and he likes me. He took this picture. 201-05-miriamdema

After 6 years together we decided to make it all official. How and the what not had to be decided. I’m not really a stand up before a bunch of people kinda girl and he thought having a party would be fun. I also wanted to continue to celebrate our anniversary of meeting each other in January. So we pared it down to what each of us really wanted and here’s what we did.

We got a marriage license at the van nuys courthouse. We bought some fancy clothes. He bought me a ring, I made him a ring. We invited our parents to be at the same place at the same time so that we could sign our license with an officiant and a witness. I ordered a cake, we walked to a cave! We signed, we toasted, nice things were said.2012-06-miriamdema


The following week we flew to Hawaii to exchange our actual vows on the beach. I wore a white dress, he wore a linen suit (and looked mighty fine I must tell you). We exchanged some vows, we exchanged rings. We took pictures and enjoyed how simple and amazingly relaxing it all was. We went out to dinner in all our finery, people were so excited to see us where ever we went. (that part was super fun 🙂 We drove to the other side of the big island to stay in a house and explore the island and proceed to have a fantastic honeymoon.


To say that the whole thing suited us is really such a amazing understatement I can’t even begin to cover it. There we’re no ‘freak outs’ over the details of things, no bizarre expectations of how things are supposed to be. No one amazing day all crammed into 12 hours of hyper reality. It was just fun and awesome and we still get to have a party!

Here’s a few more random bits of details.

My dress came from Unique Vintage in Burbank. The girls there are super nice and shopping there is a pleasure. I wanted a simple white dress that I could make some adjustments to and make it my own. I also wanted to be able to wear it on the beach as well as to our big party a few months from now. I didn’t want a gown, I wanted a dress. I’m really happy with what I picked. As much of a fancy girl as I can be I’m just not into the spend a whole lotta money on something you’re gonna wear only once. I hemmed it, changed the straps around and a few other tiny things- I added pockets! I made my hat from the hem of my dress, I wore it at the signing and in Hawaii with a fresh flower pinned to it. My mom picked up my ribbon sash in san francisco for my dress and it was a big poofy bow in the back.

I got my boots at boot barn. They we’re the only pair left in that style in all of the united states when I saw them, so I bought them! before I bought the dress in fact. I love cowboy boots, I wear them all the time (I have 5 other pairs!) so it seemed only natural to wear them with my dress. I spent more on the boots than the dress. yep, that’s how I roll.

We went to a farmers market in hawaii where I bought a pile of fresh flowers to make my bouquet with. Because I love to make things it was super great to just sit down in our hotel room and putter away on a simple project. I watched a few videos on you-tube about how to make bouquets and took some supplies with me from home to pull it off- flowers pins, floral tape, scissors, ribbon. It turned out great and looked really pretty. Even though we kept things on the simple side having a bouquet was something that was important to me- I mean how many times to you get a bouquet to carry around in life? I also bought a green maile tea leaf lei from the local kta for the mister to wear and it looked great with his black shirt.

The fella ordered his suit online from Just Linen. It came in the mail and it fit perfectly. Very nice. That’s how great this all came together.

We got our incredibly yummy cake for the signing at Lark Cake Shop in Silverlake. I looked around online for bakery recommendations, called them up and ordered a variation of a cake they normally carry. No tastings, no driving around town. It was chocolate cake with salted caramel frosting. Oh man, it’s a good thing it was a special order. It will keep me from just wandering in and buying it all the time.

My engagement ring came from a wonderful jeweler in Morro Bay, Johnny Ninos. I found him on etsy and the fella handled the purchase. I picked out my wedding band from gold bug in pasadena, one of my absolute favorite shops in the whole world. They we’re super sweet to me when I came in more than once to try out the the sizing of the ring. I made my fella’s ring out of sterling silver. He’s not planning on wearing it on a daily basis (just not his style) so I didn’t need to worry about a harder material. It was my first and only ring I’ve ever made and the jewelry gods must have been smiling on me because it turned out great and he really likes it.

The rest of our pictures are here if you would like to see. I took all of them with my iphone 4s and the occasional use of a tri-pod and timer. I did do some post process work in photoshop to brighten them up and smooth things out but I’m pretty happy with them for not having a professional photographer trail behind us at all moments.

So that’s about it. Wedding awesomeness. chill, relaxing, not too expensive- we spent money on things we wanted and ignored a bunch of stuff that didn’t matter.

We’re having a big, I can hardly wait, it will be so much awesomeness party in a few months when the weather is more pleasant. For now we get to enjoy being married and continuing on with our lives that we have so much fun at!

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