Going: Beach rides

Monday afternoon my fella and I piled our bikes in the truck and took off for a bike ride. We drove and drove and drove and ended up at the beach! (i don’t always ask where we’re going, he knows good places to go 🙂

We unloaded our bikes just south of Long Beach in Sunset Beach and rode the beach trail from there down to Newport Beach and back again. It was a great ride! The trail is supe smooth and really wide, bonus as it was a Monday and there was hardly anyone out there. On the way back we stopped in Huntington Beach for a snack and a drink and rode the rest of the way back to the truck in the setting sun and a bit of darkness.


My fella had the afternoon off because he’s working the night shift these days. Why is he working the night shift you might ask? He works at JPL and the Mars Science Labratory  (MSL) launches this weekend so they are all working around the clock to get ready. Yep, my fella works at a place that sends stuff to Mars. It’s only one of the things that makes him super awesome.

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