Making: First hand made belt

I finished my first belt last week and it turned out great! It was fun to work on a a little bit at a time. I have a few others in the works still, a red one I’ll start next and some wider waist cincher styles I’m also planning.  Here are some pics of the belt I made. 2011-90-miriamdema

The design. traced and cut into the belt. It’s based on a bracelet I’ve had for about 15 years.  To cut the design you use this awesome little cutting knife I’ve never used before this. It sort of balances in your palm. My lines are a bit wonky but like anything you get better with time.


Starting to carve out the design with hand tooling tools. Oh the world of leather tooling, so awesome! You get to buy all these awesome stamping tools, they are only about $5 a piece so it’s easy to pick out another $20 worth each time you go to Tandy Leather.


All carved, edges beveled and smoothed and ready to dye. This took quite a few evenings of sitting and hammering while listening to podcasts. It’s a great type of project to work on for a bit after dinner, kinda like knitting but a bit more forceful.


First color of dye- the black. I carefully painted in the black so as to not go over the edges.


The second color with the brown added and then polished. Holes and one of my favorite buckles added. So far I can wear it with blue jeans and tighter with dresses. I think I need to add another coat of the clear  wax though because the color is coming off just a bit on the back onto my jeans. No biggie, just more to learn from!


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