Love: Mini bloomers

or…the post where I show you my underpants! This summer seems to be about working on cute fun projects that have been on my list forever. Last year I saw the pattern for the Madeleine mini bloomers by Colette patterns everywhere on the internet. and like every like minded girl I squealed with cuteness- I wanted a pair!  I printed out the pattern and um…promptly forgot about it. Until last week!

So this past saturday after a quick supply run to joanns for elastic and ribbon I got to work cutting up some fabric I had cluttering up my fabric bin. I used a variety of fabrics that they did not recommend in their pattern but they all worked out great. Black cotton t shirt fabric from my friend Elaine forever ago, cotton polka dot fabric from a now too big skirt, white cotton heavy muslin like fabric, black and white striped cotton sear sucker like fabric and some super stretchy knit yellow white polka dot fabric.  I made the first two pairs for sizing and then figured out that it’s best to add an inch or two to the waisteline top- they are super cute and low cut but for me lounging around the house i wanted them to be a bit more coverage on the tush. Each pair takes about 2 hours or less from start to finish. if you’re like me and a bit lazy here are the other changes I made to the pattern.

1. Added 1-2 inches to the top of the front and back pattern piece.
2. There really is a strange triangle piece on the pattern in the crotch area that one commenter mentioned in her comment on the pattern. I trimmed the pattern after the first pair I made.
3. I moved the ribbons to the side of the leg and I didn’t make button holes. I just cut two tiny little slits in the ribbon casing and slid the ribbon through that. I don’t have time to put button holes on underpants.
4. I also made the straight seams using my serger. This made it super fast but made them a wee bit bigger. Good to keep in mid in you want them to be smaller.

So anyways- here is me in my underpants! or mini madeleine bloomers to be more specific. These are great for wearing around the house with a tank on hot summer nights but I’m also looking forward to wearing them under skirts and they will be awesome for riding bikes in skirts! Horray mini bloomers!

You should make a pair if you sew, it only takes one yard of fabric, some elastic and some ribbon. I love that they are poofy and fun. It makes me feel silly and cute to wear them around the house!
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  1. Booker August 4, 2011 at 12:22 pm #

    Cute! I once made bloomers of all of my burning man camp mates. It was kinda funny watching the macho guy who’d never met me before decide not to wear them.

  2. Sunday August 4, 2011 at 8:44 pm #

    These things! I made these last year out of some purple linen I spent too much money on, and was very heartbroken to discover that I really, really should have made a test pair first. The pattern didn’t fit me AT ALL. I’m glad yours were so much more successful!

  3. miriamdema August 5, 2011 at 9:16 am #

    sunday- i read the sizing info on the pattern and then pretty much said fuck it and made the largest size. making a test pair is always a good idea with anything fwiw.