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Love: Makin’ stuff

This last week I exposed some screens with new images to screen print and I also made a knife roll for a friend.  About that knife roll. A friend of ours is a professional chef and unfortunately her knife roll was stolen recently. With all of her knives in it! Fortunately she knows an awesome community of people who came together and helped her out. Two people offered her knives and I offered to whip her up a knife roll to hold them.

I used our knives for fitting the pockets.  Here’s what it turned out to look like. I used two layers of canvas on the body of the roll and the flap and reclaimed leather from a vintage 70’s jacket for the pockets and trim.

 It has a simple tie that makes it easy to quickly wrap up at the end of the night and slip the whole thing into a larger bag or carry under your arm. It turned out pretty well and will totally work for holding the knives a friend is going to give her. If i didn’t have this awesome vintage Kershaw blade changing knife that my pops picked up for me I would prolly be making one of these for camping!
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