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Going: Devil’s Post Pile

I finally got to see the awesomeness that is Devil’s Post Pile!2011-81-miriamdema

I’ve had this on my list for quite some time. It’s a bit complicated to go there though so the timing was never quite right. This past weekend on a camping trip we were finally close enough and with enough time to take the opportunity to go check it out.

For those of you wondering “Devils’ Post what, what?” Devil’s Post Pile is a rock formation located in a beautiful hidden valley that backs up to Mammoth Mountain. To go there you have to drive to Mammoth, park near the the slopes and take a $7 tram up and over down into the valley. Oh, and it’s only open for like 4-5 monthes out of the year. The rest of the time it’s covered in snow!

 A group of 5 of us loaded up into the SUV for the hour drive from our campsite to Mammoth, we arrived mid afternoon to catch the tram up and over the pass. The ride is beautiful and breath taking! All of us were awestruck by the high mountains surrounding the valley floor. You could see the river winking in the distance as we descended into the valley. We unloaded at the Devil’s Post Pile stop for a quick half mile hike to the monument. And wow! so cool! looking up at all those angled rocks towering above us was so great!

The way they have broken off over the years and crashed down to the valley kinda had me itching for a little quick earthquake. Just a little one, I swear! After checking out the post pile we embarked on a hike to Rainbow Falls. Winding over hill and dale down into the valley through mountain forests and then through an area that burned 20 years ago provided for some beautiful scenery.  Once we arrived at the falls the misty water gave us some excellent rainbows that totally had the falls live up to their name.2011-83-miriamdema


We all hiked back up the hill to catch the tram back out of the valley. All in all it was a pretty big hike for us and we ended in happy spirits! Somehow we managed to walk a lot further than expected without a decent supply of water or sunblock- silly rabbits. But thankfully we kept pace with each other and had a great time!  Go check out Devil’s Post Pile if your in the area, I hope to go back and camp in the valley floor at some point. The place had this sort of less discovered, less crowded version of Yosemite and I really liked that feeling.

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