Making: Pasadena food swap

So I make a lot of stuff and other people make a lot of stuff and this past sunday I went with one of my girlfriends to swap some of our stuff for their stuff at The Pasadena Food Swap. Located in a pleasant park in South Pasadena, it was super fun to attend and I swapped some of my goodies for some amazing things.
I’m not sure how other swaps are organized but it was a bit complicated to swap with 20 something other people. It was organized in a way I found a bit off putting but others really loved the way it was organized so different strokes for different folks I suppose. There were pieces of paper in sort of a bid system at the beginning of the trade to mark your product on in exchange for their product- this only works if what you have is something they want or if what you pick of what you have is what they want. In the end I was happiest just to offer what I had face to face and if someone wanted it to then trade it for something they had brought.
 After those that were a bit more into the organized aspect traded, the rest of us traded a bit more free form style. Pretty much everything at the swap rocked. I was surprised at the amount of baked goods ie- cookies and brownies over preserved foods but I think those things are a bit more approachable for novice homesteaders/makers. If you’re going to be a part of a food swap I really suggest you bring something savory or preserved as those things we’re in much higher demand than cookies. Although I ended up with some spectacular cookies! (hello, cowgirl cookie of yummyness!) Also, everything was packaged up super cute! Lots of ribbon and cute labels, it was nice people went to the extra effort to make things look pretty.
So, what to do with all those baked good and sweet treats- well, I loaded mine into Tupperware and I am storing them in the freezer so I don’t eat them all this week. The jams I put in storage with my other jams to try over the next year. And to the lady that traded my pickled beets for caramels I’m totally taking a bunch of those on a camping trip to share with friends!
Here’s the details-
I Took:
4 jars orange syrup (1/2 pint size on all)
4 jars apricot chipotle
4 jars spiced apricot
4 jars orange marm
6 containers olives ( 3 oz each)
5 containers pickled beets (8oz each)
8 containers with 3 peppermint patties in each
I Exchanged for:
1 loaf of walnut bread- super yum bread! love it toasted with my strawberry jam
6 cowgirl cookies- also yum!
2 gluten free fudge brownies
1 spice rub
4 salted caramel chocolate cookies
4 containers of salted caramels (each with around 8)
3 Madeline cookies
4 bar brownies with nuts
1 tub quinoa salad- this went right away as dinner that night! and it was super good!
1 bag vanilla caramels
6 ginger cookies- had one of these yesterday, nicely spicy!
1 bag chocolate covered orange peel
1 box chocolate almonds
Small jar blueberry jam
Small jar kumquat vanilla jam
Strawberry balsamic black pepper jam
Mango chutney
Cherry jam
Kumquat marmalade
Mango lime jam

Brought home:
3 containers of the patties
6 assorted jars of jam

Whew, that’s a lot of swapping If you have a change to go to a local food swap and you’ve got good stuff to swap I totally recommend it!
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