Making: New projects

2011-79-miriamdemaLast weekend I bought a straw hat and took it all apart, slowly taking the straw braid apart so I had yards and yards of loose straw braid all ready to sew into something new. Then I sat down and taught myself how to sew straw braid. It was really tricky but I finished up the second hat pictured with a combination of machine and hand sewing. I like the tiny nature of it, it perches on my head in a really sweet way.


And some screen printing. I’ll be honest, I just haven’t been the mood to screen print. I have a large print on my mind that I want to work up but nothing really grand. I have a few old images still on screens I wanted to see how they printed so that’s what this record image is about. I dug out some black paper from the back of the paper rack and made 6 of these simple white records on black paper. It will fit perfectly in an album frame and the record is to scale.

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