Going: San Francisco

Man, you know I love a good road trip, even when it’s to a place I’ve been before I alsways seem to find new things to see. This past weekend my fella had a gig at The Independent with his band The Mutaytor so we piled a bunch of stuff and some people in the car and took off friday night. We arrived late friday night in just enough time to snag a bedroom with a bed at the great old mansion on Alamo Square we we’re staying at and to go for a walk about town to get some drinks at Nopa. Always a great place and even better at midnight when things are a bit calmer but still quite busy.


Saturday morning bright and early my fella and I wandered out for some coffee, breakfast nearby and then a big walk across town to check out the Musee Mechanic. I’d never been and it was great! Best thing about being a grown up, getting $20 worth of quarters and putting them in every machine that caught our fancy! We only spent about $8 but it was super fun to spend them like candy. We got our fortunes read by an automatic typewriter, had our picture taken in the photo booth and squished some pennies. All in all a super awesome time. After a quick cab ride back to the house we headed over to The Independent to load everything in and get ready for the show. The band stayed for sound check and I wandered off to get ready, chill out, make some drinks and then some snacks at Nopalito nearby. Great snacks at Nopalito btw, the fella joined me and ordered his own ceveche after tasting mine.  The show that night was super great, the audience was packed and everyone had a great time!

 Sunday morning we walked to Haight street to visit a friends remodeled store, checked out the street festival happening that day and wander around a bit. I scored a great leather jacket at the Goodwill for $16! We headed over to Oakland to have a late lunch with my parents and then back to SF to pick up our peoples and hit the road back to Los Angeles. We had a great time and saw a ton of friends and family. Another action packed weekend in SF, one of these days I swear I’m gonna go out of town and do nothing but lounge around all weekend, I swear 🙂
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