Going: Road trip!

This past weekend my guy and I hit the road for a super quick trip up north. our goal: Maker Faire! As well as to visit with friends, see some museums and eat some tasty food. All in a good weekend of fun! First things first, we picked up an adorable red Bug they we were going to drive in. Because the fella drives a giant suv and I drive an older Falcon- renting seemed like a good choice. It went almost the whole way there on one tank of gas! It was super fun to be in, when we dropped it off this morning I kinda wanted to keep it.

Getting into the bay area we decided to stop at a hamburger joint we used to go to when I lived in the area as a kid. Val’s Burgers in Hayward right off the 580. While the decor was the same and it still had the same vibe I gotta say…it didn’t rock my world. It was a totally decent hambuger and milkshake but I felt myself wishing it had a bit more flavor…a bit more something, something. I dunno, I’m glad we went, it was great to share it with my guy (who thought it was tasty) but now that I’ve been again as an adult, I’m good.

After checking into our hotel we headed up to San Francisco to cruise over to the DeYoung Museum to go to the Balenciaga fashion exhibit. It was great! Seeing the clothes with their crisp lines, solid colors and ruffles upon ruffles was fantastic. If you’re in the area, it’s a really great show to go see. The show itself had very low light levels and they didn’t want you to take pics but I snapped this sly shot of a beautiful ruffle on the bottom of a dress.

At the end of the exhibit was a display of videos showing the dresses being worn by models during the original fashion shows . I really recommend checking out the video before you start looking at the clothes, it gave a better idea of how they come apart into dress/ cape or dress/ jacket…and seeing the movement of the shapes made a difference for understanding why his clothes were so different from other things being made during the same time period.

The museum was quite crowded so we hot footed it out of there over to drinks and snacks with friends at Alembic Bar on Haight. I really wanted to like this place. The food was really tasty but in the end it was wayyyy tooo loud and the drinks all tasted the same…and heres the thing….I know some people like when things get creative and interesting but heres the description from one of the drinks we ordered:

hey, it gets hot in here, real hot, like, new orleans hot. accordingly, we have a great reverence for the contributions of the crescent city to cocktail culture. this bracing 1938 nod to the french quarter
combines rye whiskey, cognac, sweet vermouth, angostura and peychaud bitters, served up and ice cold. just be careful when leaving the bar as the fog has a way of reminding you where you really are, which may not be such a bad thing after all.

I’m reading, I’m trying to figure out what in the drinks, I’m ….snooooooze, bored by too many words. I don’t care about all that. I want a drink, I want it to be stiff and I want it to be well made. I don’t need a fricken poem.  Here’s another one just so you know I’m not over exagerating:

give him strong drink until he wink, that’s sinking in despair; an’ liquor guid to fire his bluid, that’s prest wi’ grief and care; there let him bouse, an’ deep carouse, wi’ bumpers flowing o’er, till he forgets his loves or debts, an’ minds his griefs no more. scotch whisky, sweet vermouth, benedictine, bitters

Um, yeah. anyway. the food was tasty for what it’s worth. I read elsewhere that they make a great mint julep. If you do go (’cause you’re stuck on haight street for some various reason and don’t want to walk down to Magnolia) Be sure to sit at the bar, don’t look at the stupid cocktail menu and go by yourself so you don’t have to yell over the loud music and order the duck hearts.

We left Alembic and weren’t quite ready to head home so we headed over to Alamo Square to see about some desert. Nopa was slammed so we headed around the corner to Candy Bar. I kinda felt like I was at a karaoke dessert bar that had games instead of music but I couldn’t argue that our desserts were totally great! We shared a peanut butter thing and a panna cotta that was one of the best I’ve had. They asked if they could move us to accommodate a larger group and sent us home with a bonus dessert we shared the next night in our hotel room. Bonus dessert!

So first day with museum, snacks and good friends. Shooting around town in a tiny red car. Totally fun! Next up, Maker Faire- great talks on interesting things and a lot of awesome stuff to see!

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