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Going: Maker faire day two

A whole second day? Well, sort of and not really. At the end of the first day we could have rushed to see the last bits we didn’t see and not gone back for a second day but because we already had weekend passes we decided to make the most of it and leave when we were tired and go back for more when refreshed!
Sunday morning after some breakfast and parking again at whole foods we headed in for day two. It turned out to be a great way to do things as in addition to the awesome friends I saw on Saturday I got to visit with people that came only on Sunday. Maker Faire– your local social scene for the DIY set.

The talks on Sunday the we listened to were also pretty great. The two that stood out for me were:

The Engineering Behind the 10,000 Year Clock   Alexander Rose
Alexander Rose will discuss the design challenges while building a monument scale 10,000 Year all mechanical Clock. The reasoning behind the project will be covered as well as details of engineering and construction. The presentation will include new images and video of Clock construction underway in the high desert.

Wow! This project is amazing.  The images of the parts, the giant saw they created to cut the staircase into the mountain…the research that goes into choosing a space for something that has to last that long. Alexander Rose also showed images of some other sites that involve long term storage and the problems associated with it. Not to mention the sheer scale of cost for the project. Very interesting and impressive.

The second talk that was memorable was:

The Making of Modernist Cuisine   Maxime Bilet , Ryan Matthew Smith
Maxime Bilet, chef and Ryan Matthew Smith, photographer take you inside the making of their 2,438 page, 6-volume book project, Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, Bilet and Smith will share details on how they took unconventional approach to both food and photography with the goal of helping the reader to experience food in a way they never have before. By literally cutting food, equipment and tools in half to get the prefect shot to using equipment and testing new recipes with tools and ingredients seldom used outside the laboratory, they will set out to educate readers – and themselves – about the science of food.

I have to be honest here and say…the talk itself wasn’t that great. But I’d never heard of this book project and it was interesting to see how the photographs were put together and a little bit behind the scenes. If you’re at all interested in Modernist Cuisine I recommend you read this article in the New Yorker by John Lanchester, it was a bit more informative about a really interesting project.

We did see a few other talks on Sunday, the fella saw one on Arduino Robotics with Chris Anderson that he really liked and we tried to see a talk on mushroom growing that didn’t want to happen.

Over all I really enjoyed the various talks and demo’s we heard and saw at Maker Faire. It really enriched my experience past just wandering around. Before we went a few people seemed a bit perplexed as to why we would go to Maker Faire as they had been and liked it but didn’t really see why they would go again. Aside from wandering around, you really, really should take the time to listen to what people are saying about the projects they are working on. Maker Faire has made this fairly easy by scheduling talks all day at at least 4-5 stages and every stage we went to was standing room only for every single talk. I have to say, if Maker Faire is going to allow itself to get bigger it’s going to need a site that will allow for even more of this. Both days the Faire was slammed packed with people and every talk was busy. Getting through the crowds was near impossible on Sunday mid day, I wonder if they will move to a bigger site and what it would be? It looks like the San Mateo fairgrounds is replacing the race track with additional more useful grounds- perhaps this will allow for more staging areas.

All in all, Maker Faire was awesome! and our quick trip north was loads of fun! We saw lots of awesome friends working on their projects and met lot’s of new folks hard at work on exciting things.  After deciding we were done around 5ish we walked back to the car by way of a sushi picnic for the ride home from whole foods and made our way back to Southern California. Thanks Maker Faire for showing us such a good time!

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