Making: New prints

Two more prints for artwalk this weekend and a slew of brand new mini prints!

9 mini prints, each 5″x7″. Mini prints are what happens when 1-2 prints from each edition are not quite up to being numbered into the edition. I used to keep them around for some reason but I found it quite depressing when i would come across a whole drawer of them. Now I cut them up into 5″x7″ for a new take, each image gets cropped in unexpected ways. It’s super fun to put a few next to each other for a interesting combination.
2011-54-miriamdema16″x20″ “power lines-12/24/10” edition of 12, 2011
a new print from a photograph i took late last year on my birthday.

16″x20″, “Wear?” edition of 15, 2011
A double layer print of interesting popular mechanics advertisements. It’s pretty great the way it sort of bounces your eye around in person, there is even a little bit of silver foil peeking in on the background gray layer.

Come visit at ArtWalk at The Brewery this Saturday to check out the new work and see all the other great artists!

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