Going: Fashioning fashion at lacma

Let’s see…you have 12 days left to go see the Fashioning Fashion show up at LACMA. Yeah, yeah, I totally suck for only telling you about it until now. I only found about it a week or so, somehow it slipped right on under the radar for the last few months. And quite frankly..it really is great. Really, really great!

Go see it in the remaining 12 days if you can at all. It showcases a collection of clothing they only recently acquired from 2 private collections in Europe. I hope LACMA will continue to show the rest of the collection- apparently it’s quite a bit larger than what they currently have on display and that’s saying a lot. Here are a few pics I took of my favorite things at the show. It was rather busy when we went (on a Saturday afternoon!) so a lot of picture taking was a bit annoying. Fortunately they have a great book with all of the clothing now on its way to me!
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