Making: Film positives

New prints in the works! It’s finally getting warm enough here that I don’t grab a blanket and snuggle down onto the couch at the thought of spending time in the screen printing studio. Last weekend I cleaned all of my screens of old images with the power washer. This week I’m printing all my film positives for new prints- I’m thinking by the weekend I’ll have them on screens.

Vinyl records, cmyk, power lines, half tones, hearts, battery cables, floating figures, whites suns….all thoughts going into some of the new prints. Yesterday while printing my halftone film positives on our laser printer and coming to the realization that I needed a new laser cartridge (hello $100!) I propped some of the film positives on one of my monitors over some pictures on flickr on a whim. Half Tone Self Portraits…I’ve often wanted to print some of my photographs and screen print over them, this just makes me want to do it even more. I might look back into some of those on-line sources for printing photographs. I’ve always liked the over pixel, highly saturated results you can get with printing a digital image in a quick and dirty way. Also, no calibrating a printer at home…man, I hate doing that.




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