Home: Snow in tujunga!

So after being out all Saturday morning and afternoon the fella and I came home to a distinct chill in the air. The news was telling us some thing might be up or rather down but I have to say neither of us thought we’d get quite the results we did. Around  4pm or so it started in with some light hail…and then it turned into light fluffy flakes that covered the ground and cars with a solid coating of white. SNOW! in Tujunga!
We played outside like goofy kids taking pictures of it until we got super chilled. After retreating inside it continued to come down for a good hour or two. We went out to run some errands later that night and it snowed all the way down to Foothill Blvd. All of the cars had a light dusting and the ground was slushy. Such a trip! It lasted most of the next day but was gone by the next evening. It was quite glorious! Here are some pictures!

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