Making: Sock Garters

Looking for a stylish way to hold up your socks? Well, I have just the thing for you. New hand made by me, Sock Garters in a variety of colors! I love these so much I wanted to make them for you as well.  I’ve been talking about them for weeks now and here they are for sale in my etsy store.  They are super comfortable to wear and totally stay put. They fit a wide range of calf sizes from thinner to those of us with a bit more padding 😉

2011-30-miriamdema Here’s the general info on them:

♥ Elastic Garters with chrome buckle and chrome dot clips.
To hold socks, gloves and shirts cuffs in place!

♥ You can wear these multiple ways!
-With the buckle on the outside holding up the sock.
-Flip the clip under to hide and wear with taller socks.
-Loosen them out and wear them up higher on the thigh.
-Shorten them and wear them on your arms to hold up gloves.
-Wear higher on the arm clipped to a up rolled shirt cuff.

♥ Sewn by miriam dema – made in Los Angeles,Ca.

♥ Each Garter can be adjusted from 10 inches long at the shortest to 16 inches at the longest.
The elastic is one inch wide and stretchy.

They are all for sale on my Etsy shop at $25.00 a pair plus shipping or local delivery free

link to etsy store –> miriam dema shop

 Black and white striped garters
 Gray and stripped garters. A pic of the garter on my calf holding up a sock!
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