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I recently came across a great post about something I never knew was missing from my life- Spoon Butter! Thanks to a post on Food in Jars I am now informed and my spoons are better for it.


Spoon Butter is a combination of Beeswax and Mineral Oil you melt together and then rub into all of your wooden bowls, cutting boards and spoons. If you’re like me and you use the same wooden spoons and cutting boards on a regular basis then giving them a wee bit of love and care every now and then is a good idea.

First up I made the butter. You going to need a mason jar, a pan of water to melt the wax/oils and some clean cloths.

In a mason jar put 1/8 lb chopped up natural Beeswax. Chopping it up helps it melt faster. Place the jar in a pan of water and hold it there as the water heats up and melts the wax. Don’t walk away. Um, like I did…the jar has to be stabilized or it falls over. After the wax is mostly melted add in the Mineral Oil, use a wooden spoon to mix it all up and bring it back to a clear melted stage. That’s it! Take the jar out of the water and let it come back to room temp. As it does it will become opaque in color, that’s when it’s cool enough to use.


While I waited for the Spoon Butter to cool I gently sanded off any of the singed edges from my more used spoons. Yep, I leave spoons in a hot pan…anyways… Once the butter is cool using your hands rub a small amount on all the wooded surfaces. I happened to have a pile of cutting boards, spoons, mugs, bowls, knife blocks and some antlers (what, I figured it couldn’t hurt the antlers) . Any left on your hands just rub in. It feels great and smells delightful. Let everything sit overnight and with a clean cloth rub away the excess the next day.

Now my spoons are happy and my kitchen smells nice!

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