Making: Hats!

Hats for sale! As some of you may have noticed from my flickr and etsy I have started posting my hats for sale! This past weekend I took pictures of all of the finished ones so you could see all the angles and even the inside linings. After some editing I posted the first six for sale on Monday night. I’ll be adding the remaining batch towards the end of the week and then I’ll add a few here and there as I make them.

So about these hats, these hats are super, super easy to wear. Many of you have seen me go all day with one of them plonked on my head. The little fascinator ones have a black metal headband sewn through the lining. This keeps the hat on your head all day- no elastic that pinches, pins to adjust…nada! it just stays on. The other style the pill box does use bobby pins but these hats are so light weight and airy they also just stay put. I’ve worn a lot of hats in my day and a lot of hats that don’t stay put where you put them or can only be worn on the back of the head. These can be worn tilted low in the front or wherever you want them, it’s super cute!

I think I’ve been pretty careful to give all of the info for each hat in the description for sale but if you have any questions or are curious about something let me know. These hats are all hand made by me using a little bit of the sewing machine but a whole lot of hand sewing.

And here’s some really big news. I created a friends and family discount for the hats! The discount is a generous 20% off the purchase price of the hat!!! There are two ways to see the code for the discount- I’m going to post it on facebook so people who are already friends and fam will have easy access to it. If we arn’t friends on facebook shoot me an email- remind me how we know each other and I’ll send the code along along. (miriamdema at gmail dot com)

This discount really is for friends, family and people who have purchased my work before. You guys have been so supportive in so many ways and I want to say thanks! The discount is only good on the hats, if you purchase other things it will apply to the whole purchase but I’ll send you along a revised total. (do me a favor and just buy the hat by itself 😉 The shipping on the hats is a bit tricky as they are different shapes and sizes. If the cost is way under my estimate I’ll make a correction.

And now without further chatter here is one pic of the first 6 finished hats. Click on the link to see more pics of each one, the product description and the cost.







More soon!

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  1. Danielle February 2, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

    WOW. if I had the money, I’d absolutely buy that fawn hat… but I can’t think of where I’d wear it. Oh, but it’s so DEAR! (no pun intended.)

  2. miriamdema February 2, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

    you own a chicken suit but you don’t know where you would wear a hat with a tiny deer on it?
    i wore mine all weekend on Catalina and to the grocery store the other day.
    hats are more wearable than people realize 🙂