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Going: The Belasco

This past Saturday morning my fella and I motored downtown to tour the highly restored and renovated Belasco Theater. Located directly next to The Mayan and built a year prior it was such a treat to see all of the work and money they have put into this place!
In 2009 I got a sneak peek of the efforts going into the restoration of The Belasco when we got to pop in and look around during a tour of The Mayan sponsored by the LAHTF.  Seeing how everything has turned out was simply amazing. So much hard work to keep things looking period and so many efforts went into bringing the entire location into the current times. LED lighting from floor to ceiling, newly re-done ball room on the 3rd floor and the addition of a wine bar and 2 restaurants! Oh, and the 3-D projectors they are going to be using on the ceiling to do 3-D mapped projection work. I simply can not wait to go to a show here- to hear the new sound system, to see the projections on the ceiling, and enjoy a cocktail at one of the many swanky bars.
Here are some more pictures I took!
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