Making: Garment Labels

2011-05-miriamdemaFor clothes and hats and other fabric projects!

For quite a while I’ve wanted small labels to put on my hand made projects. Since I’m making hats to sell I figured I’d really better get on that and make some. There are quite a few ways to do this, this just happens to be the way I choose to do it with what I have available. I looked around at places to buy the labels pre-made and it was either very expensive, or the turn around wasn’t in my schedule or it looked kinda hokey. so I choose to screen print my own labels.

re-positionable spray adhesive
ribbon in the weight and width you want
ink and screen printing supplies
2011-06-miriamdemaAt joann’s I picked up the spray adhesive. You want the kind that says it’s re-positional on it. I also picked out a few yards of black and white polyester satin ribbon in 5/8th inch thick.

Back at the studio in photoshop land I created a template at 8×10 300 dpi and starting from the top at one inch I marked down 5/8 and then on each inch. All the way to the bottom of the page. Then I filled in the areas with a layer in light gray so I would have something to line the ribbon up. I marked out how large I wanted the font to be and created a whole layer of my name in the spaces that were not filled in gray.
2011-07-miriamdemaThen I printed a bunch of copies on paper with the gray (let’s call those the ribbon sheets) and one copy on transparency with the gray layer turned off so it only printed the text for my film positive.

In the silk screen studio I exposed my screen with my film positive.
2011-08-miriamdemaWhile that dried I sprayed down very lightly each ribbon sheet with the spray adhesive. Then I carefully lined up the ribbon in the non gray area. You want to hold the ribbons in place while you print on them but be able to peel them off the paper when your done, so go light with the glue.
2011-09-miriamdemaI put my screen into clamps and put a sheet of lightly sprayed card board under it- this will hold the ribbon layer to the cardboard instead of it sticking to the back of your screen- ’cause it has glue on the front. I taped the film positive to the cardboard and carefully matched up the screen, the ribbon sheet and the film positive sheet up. Then I marked where each ribbon sheet will go when I slide it into print it.
2011-10-miriamdemaI printed all ofthem in red to keep it easy.
2011-11-miriamdemaAfter they were dried I lightly ironed them to set the ink.

I cut the ribbon down and then I very, very lightly slipped each edge of the ribbon into an open flam to melt a teeny, tiny bit of the edge. This keeps the ribbon from unraveling and gives you a little bit of an edge to sew the ribbon to something.
2011-05-miriamdemaThat’s it. I made about 60 ribbon labels this go round. I may make more next time but this should keep me for a bit. If you have any questions let me know!

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