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A beautiful place. That sums up Catalina Island pretty well. This past weekend was the 5th anniversary of meeting that awesome guy of mine and we boated off to Catalina Island to celebrate. Five years ago this time of year we met up north at a friends birthday celebration and hit it off. We kept hanging out, I moved down south, I moved into his house, he gave me an art studio, we started working together and look here we are now. Super fun!

We got up super early Sunday morning to catch the early boat out of Long Beach at 8:30am. After a quick boat trip across the channel we arrived to the cutest little town southern California has to offer, Avalon. First thing first we rented bicycles and headed over to check into our hotel The Snug Inn early. They let us keep our bags there and we biked all over the island- well, we biked all over the mostly flat and low hilly areas. First up was the Wrigley Memorial on the hill. A great view looking out across the channel back towards Long Beach.

We popped into the Avalon Grille for a yummy lunch, wandered around some more and then rode over to The Casino for an afternoon tour. After getting our bikes checked back in we headed to the hotel to actully check in and lounge about in room for a while. Hey, if your paying good money for a cute B&B the least one can do is hang around in it and enjoy all the awesomeness.

That night things were pretty chill around town as it was a sunday night in the off season but I loved the quiet. It reminded me of being in Italy a few years ago. The only people around are the people that live there and they are pretty friendly ’cause it’s a bit more mellow. We had some wine at a wine bar and then dinner at The Lobster. A rather divey old school Catalina place with excellent food.

Late the next morning after breakfast in the room we wandered around some more and then rented a golf cart to drive up and down all the steeper hills. It was great to do that on Monday as we seemed to be one of the only peeps on the Island driving around. I imagine during the summer it’s slammed with golf carts all over the place. We turned in our golf cart and did some shopping around town and had some lunch before catching the boat back across the channel.
2011-04-miriamdemaIt was a super fun time and a super way to spend out 5th anniversary together.

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  1. XoxoxTC January 26, 2011 at 4:17 pm #

    Congrats to you and the honey for 5 years! That means I’ve known you almost that long and that makes me happy too!