Making: Hats.

I’ve been sewing up a storm. Making a small line of hand made hats like I mentioned. I’m really excited that I’ve been making hats from reclaimed garments from the thrift store.

This has a few advantages. First- unique choices from all of time and all of the fabric at the thrift store. No buyer picking out fabric for me based on trends from two years ago. It’s up to me to choose the right tone and look of the fabrics I want. Second- re-use, we like that. Third- none of the endless choices downtown and having to buy a whole yard. I did go to buy some fur this morning and of course I had to get a whole yard- which is like twenty hats and I almost got sidetracked with this interesting spangle/sequined fabric at $15 a yard. It was great but totally not what I need to make right this second. Fourth- at the thrift store I buy the shirt, make what I can and once it’s gone. It’s gone. I like that. No going back for more, wishing you had bought more yardage. It’s gone and that’s the end. Fifth- leather. You can’t beat prices for leather at thrift stores. Fabric stores treat leather like it’s frickin’ gold. It’s crazy expensive. I can buy a leather skirt at a thrift store for $5-$10 and take it apart.

This weekend i’m hoping to finish up the first batch of hats and take some pictures to post. Wish me luck on finishing, it’s also our 5 year anniversary so that might be a bit distracting.

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