Making: New Mono Prints.


New prints. All mono prints that I have been working on the last month or so. I decided mid-summer that I wanted to work on something that was a bit more open ended than a limited numbered edition. I started with two landscape images- the hills and the image of downtown Los Angeles and it has grown from there. I hope to keep making more of these. They are inspired by my travels around town and are printed on a lovely thick heavy printmaking paper.

The little details of the freeways, the pace, the feel of this city. It’s mountains, it’s smog and fuzzy landscapes. How it feels to come down off the mountains and drive, drive, drive all the way out to the ocean are all of the bits and pieces that have gone into these.
I’ve added in some vintage imagery that strikes my fancy and reminds me of other random elements from the city here. The colors are the colors I see when I close my eyes- a sort of faded dreamy landscape. Like staring at the sun too long with your eyes closed.





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