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Love: Etsy Shop Update

miriam dema on etsy
There are 23 prints up for super special sale! At least 50% off!!! I’d love for these last few prints of each edition to move off into the world in a swift and affordable manner! Hey, a girl can hope?
But seriously, go check it out 🙂
Because it’s monday and Mondays mean I prolly finally put everything away from artwalk this past weekend and tidied up my studio. Here are the prints I printed on site at the Brewery this previous weekend.

Another version of the amazing strategic plan poster. A bit smaller for those with smaller spaces and this time on recycled music pages.

transparent red ink on music pages
I put this together the week before artwalk and i am totally in love with the composition. I’m going to take a break from working on the large prints to make a super big version of this in 4 color process inks. the original color version was so bright and I think it will look fantastic. there will be a few tweaks to the over all layout so stay tuned for a huge version!


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