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Home: Screen doors and studio

I have this pic to share with you of my studio table. I am drawing bears.

I also finally finished the screen door for our front door. It involved so many tiny steps I never thought I’d finish. Here’s a short re-cap of just what I can remember off hand:

Buy door and parts, buy paint, un pack door, test for fit, fits! take off screen, sand door, paint, paint, paint, paint other side, paint other side, test for fit, does not fit, go buy plane, plane one side, plane more, test for fit, fits! test hinges, do not like, buy other hinges, install hinges, break pin in hinge, buy more hinges, install hinges, install door, does not fit, plane some more, plane some more, plane some more, install door, too tall, WTF!, too tall- my ass, shave 1/8 off bottom with circular saw, sand, install door, fits, install latch, drill holes, latch too thick, trim with grinder, door handle rubs, sand out area with dremil for door handle, install spring type thing to pull door shut, finally paint white again over planed and sanded parts, tape back side of door, paint front side green, reinstall latch, still works!, reinstall screen, lose screws and find replacement screws in garage. reinstall screen.

Now it’s mostly too hot to leave the front door open cause the air conditioning is on. But man, does it look nice and that wood clunking sound when it closes is fantastic.

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