Home: Our house!

We’ve been hard at work paining our house and it’s finally finished!
Next weekend is Renegade in Los Angeles! I’ll be there and hopefully with a new print!

For now check out these pictures of our house!


Before, kinda ugly beige color and brown trim.


After! Light gray and dark gray for the trim with a shiny pop color on the front door.

The front door is something I’m especially proud of as the first layer of the paint color wasn’t quite right so I tweaked it and now its great! Also, we replaced the light fixture, the doorbell and the handle set on the door.

I have my eye on a screen door from osh i’ll be picking up this week to paint and that will look great as well! Painting a house is crazy hard work! Lot’s of prep, lot’s painting and lots of little finishing details.

I’ve been pushing really, really hard to finish it all off because next weekend is Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles! Super excited to sell my prints in the summer at this great location. I hope it’s not going to be too crazy hot. Come early to avid the heat and the crowds.

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