Making: Halftone prints

I’m working on halftone process color screen printing. It’s pretty fun because it’s almost like magic when the layers and dots come together to make something that looks photographic. This is my first time doing this, somehow I managed to skip that day during screen print class in college. One of the great things about screen printing is that you can do all these work arounds to make things cheaper and a bit more diy. But sometimes it’s fun and challenging to re-learn the right way to do something. So far I’m pretty happy with my first 4 color halftone print. I’m going to do more of them and see how tight I can get them to look.


Here’s the original photograph above.
2010-62-miriamdemaHere’s the 4 color halftone print I made from the photograph. It definitely looks different but it does still look photographic!

Printing the yellow:

2010-63-miriamdemaPrinting the magenta:
2010-64-miriamdemaPrinting the cyan:2010-65-miriamdemaFinal layer of black!2010-66-miriamdema

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