Making: Learning halftones

Sitting in the air conditioned office today plugging away on some new experiments with screen printing. Although i’ve been printing for years and some aspects I’ve got totally down some things remain just out of reach. 4 color separation. quite honestly I can’t seem to wrap my brain around that it will actually work.

That all those dots and colors will combine together to make something greater than the individual parts. Logically I know it will work, as obviously I’ve read newspapers and magazines full of process separation. But feeling certain I can pull it off with my ever limited computer knowledge is what keeps me staring at the dots…or quite frankly what keeps me making the dots so much bigger than they need to be.

So here we are. At 50dpi staring a print out and daring myself to load transparencies into the laser printer, coat a screen and ‘make it work’ I’ve got registration marks, I’ve got the pages labeled so i don’t mix them up and now it’s just a matter of seeing what happens.

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