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Making: More tiny dots

Ah half tones. My brain is full of tiny, tiny dots! If you’re just tuning in I’m working on learning a bit more about how half tone dots using four color process inks can come together using the screen print process. For years now I’ve primarily focused on high contrast spot color layered prints. Not really even delving too much into transparent layers.

I’ve been more interested in the image itself and the design of the overall print. Scan it, adjust the contrast, get rid of the dirt, print the transparency and bang it out! My thesis for college was done this way- in fact I even used the photocopier with paper and shot straight through the paper. No computers and I didn’t even print on paper- all fabric for a room sized installation.

Lately I’ve been interested in pushing myself to learn and experiment with processes in the studio that I’m not familiar or entirely comfortable. It’s a really hard thing, I gotta tell you! It’s so much easier to make what you already know.

It’s a lot more fun to make an actual print- work on the drawings, walk it through all the steps and end up with a finished product to sell and share. But learning new things will hopefully open up different areas of screen printing. While I’m just working on only half tones right now, I’m hoping to incorporate elements from what I learn into my full edition prints. Using the techniques to have better detail and over all more complex prints. I hope!

But for now, I’m randomly making images into halftone layers and printing them with four color process.


Here’s a flower with hands coming out of it….um, yeah…what the hell, right! Hands coming out of the flower, not creepy at all.  So anyways….four colors made with tiny half tone dots all perfectly registered. Let’s say that again. PERFECTLY REGISTERED. Beause otherwise you just get a big blob of color with the yellow and the magenta showing through in really odd ways.

Below is the original illustration for comparison. Not bad! A bit lighter in over all tone but pretty nice. I think it might be nice to lay down a layer of beige the color of the original paper to see how it deepens the screen print version. But that’s for a future experiment.
2010-68-miriamdemaHere’s a photograph I made into a four color half tone image. Not as good, right? I know, it’s too bad because the original photo below is super bright and practically glows. I guess the fine details and the heavy black layer is what is keeping this from really coming together. I think it would prolly be really kick ass if it was printed up really big but alas that is also another experiment. Right now, we are just focusing on printing the super gooey nazdar half tone inks, just how crazy perfect the registration has to be and how the cmyk really do combine to make colors and how sometimes if the image is already a bit cmyk it’s a bit less interesting.



Thanks for checking out my process. It’s a bit open feeling to share things that aren’t great or aren’t finished slick prints. More ideas, experiments and thoughts in progress. Next up, some vintage photographs and just how can one make a sepia photographic image into a half tone dots. What happens if you make a sepia image into cmyk layers or should I mix up 4 colors of brown…oh the suspense is killing me!

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