Making: Brand new prints!

As if you’re all not special enough to get to see all of the new concrete stuffed animals I also pulled a few brand spanking new prints for you for this next weekend! Yep, artwalk will be full of fun! or at least full of screen prints and concrete stuffed animals from my little corner of the world. This weekend I also went and picked out wood to display the concrete creatures in all their glory. Beautiful planks of whole board complete with bark and termites (ok- so those might have to go before artwalk…)

I also named them all as well! Yep, they all have names…I bet you want to know what they are, don’t you??? Then come to artwalk!!! I’ll share pics of all of them and their names after artwalk but if you want to see them all together before they wonder off into the world (yep, they are for sale- you too can have your very own concrete stuffed animal!!!)

Here are the new prints! My scanner is apparently dieing a slow death of color correction- rest assured these are all on beautiful rich aged cream music pages.

Lady Deer
screen print
Lady Bear
screen print
Lady Rabbit
screen print

$20 each or $50 for all three. I think these would look really beautiful lined up in a bathroom, hallway or above a dresser in a bedroom.


As well, a great big print I made. A light bulb! Yep, sometimes I just get a little distracted making something super pop and simple. The metal parts on the light bulb are shiny silver foil. Very reflective and makes for a nice combination with the teal color of the print. This print is a whopping 28×20 inches. A really nice statement size for any home. It’s a teeny, tiny limited edition of 7. Yep, just 6 of these available for purchase ’cause I get to keep one.

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  1. adventuresinart April 12, 2010 at 7:38 pm #

    Oh! I love the lady deer! I want one!