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It’s a process post! Because everybody loves a good process thread! Well, at least I do. I like know the little bitty details that make it all come together. This post is all about registration! My new registration tabs vs my old ones! Registration for Screen Printing Fine Art Prints on paper using registration pins and tabs or a hole punch. There a lot of different ways to register paper for screen printing. Using small plastic tabs, 3 point system, vacuum tables…those are just a few other ways that people use to register their paper. Often the more prints you are making the easier-stream lined the process has to be. And most likely the more prints you are making the fewer colors will be in the print.

If you want to make prints like this: 2010-14-miriamdemaYou have to have a very accurate method of registering the paper with the screen. This print had 8-10 colors and layers. Each one is printed separately with a different screen image and each layer needs to be registered properly for it all to line up when you are finished. I use these little metal pins. They are the ones i’ve had for years. They are made by Stoesser and they are 1/4 inch by .070 high. These pins are very easy to come by. They are pretty typical to buy when you are in school because most schools have really large wide format hole punches that are often pretty old. 2010-15-miriamdema To use them you can do one of two things. If you have a hole punch that will punch 1/4 holes you can do this:


Punch two holes at the exact same place on each piece of paper you want to print on. When you tape the pins to the table your paper will be in the same place every time. Now the little problem is that most hole punches are NOT 1/4 inch. 1/4 inch is the size hole punches were when they first came out. So you can buy an old hole punch (getting harder and harder to find) or a very, very expensive professional printing hole punch ($300-$500 !!!!) these are the kinds most schools have. It’s great while you are learning but what happens if you want to set up your own studio and you don’t have bottomless pockets?

You can buy these plastic registration tabs.


These little tabs get taped to each and every piece of paper in the exact same place. this can be very, very time consuming! Here’s sort of what that looks like. thankfully you can re use them but it’s a major drag if you want to print a lot.


or…DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!! you can buy these:


These are 9/32 inch tabs From Ternes Burton. 6 of them with shipping will set you back $25.00 They have a minimun order of $25.00 but they are super nice! The pin is just the right size to be used with this:


That is a regular 3 hole punch from an office store. Quill online in this case. Go ahead and get one that has adjustable punches. This way you can pop out the middle punch and move the two side punches all the way to either side. You can get these hole punches all the time at thrift stores for around $5.00. Slide your paper in and punch the holes making sure to line up piece of paper in the same place using the guide on the left then you have a piece of paper that is ready to be properly registered against your screen when you are ready to print.

2010-21-miriamdemaI’m still interested in saving up for one of those wide format punches but this is a great solution for a limited budget!

Ternes Burton link for pins.

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  1. adventuresinart February 5, 2010 at 2:06 pm #

    I never knew about the hole-punching method! When i was in school, we used little moleskin-like bumper tabs or even just pencil lines (we certainly weren’t doing anything as fancy or multi-layered as you do!). But the hole thing is awesome! I love it.