Love: Machines and stuff

This weekend I went to the ISS Trade show in Long Beach. I’d never been to anything like that before and it was a trip to see all the big machines. ISS is basically for all of the people who are in the business of getting images onto fabric- primarily for t-shirts, jerseys, hats…all that stuff teams need and corporate america buys buys the car load. If you register online you can go to the expo floor for free which is pretty cool! Here’s some pics i took of various bits. It’s sort of hard to take pics in the trade show because lighting is kinda crappy and they kind of frown on it.

Here’s a pic of a giant machine that is just used for mixing the right color of ink!
2010-06-miriamdemaHere’s all the nozzles with all the tips- each a different color! It was super mad scientist like! You can mix all of the colors all yourself and be perfect every time!!!
2010-07-miriamdemaHere’s a giant t-shirt printing press. it could print 20 colors at once! The cool thing about these is they appeared to be modular so you could add in more press’s to be able to print more layers and re-configure the whole thing to your needs.
2010-08-miriamdemaVery interesting to see the scale that silkscreen can be taken to!

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