Making: Show news and print in progress

Tonight i’m gonna sit down and pick out the pieces that I’ll be hanging on the walls later this week of a super cute cafe in Highland Park. Cafe de Leche at 5000 York Blvd. Its a super cute space and my work should fit in real nice. They show really great work and I’m happy to be their monthly artist.

This Saturday is the Second Saturday Artwalk in Highland Park and I’ll be there hanging out and checking things out. The cafe will be open for you to come check out my work and other spaces in Highland Park/Eagle Rock will be open. Please come check it out, it will be a rare oppertunity to see my work all framed and looking all swank!

Second Saturday Artwalk of North East Los Angeles
5-10pm through out Eagle Rock, Highland Park
Cafe de Leche 5000 York Blvd 90042

New print in the works! only two layers left to go! If you remember the piece below you know that one of the things missing is some Deer Bunnies! Yep, that’s what I call them 🙂 They are not quite jackelopes as they have full deer heads and jackelopes are bunnies with antlers…see the difference? 🙂 It’s pretty interesting to take a painting of my own as inspiration for a print. I think I did pretty well to capture the things I was interested in for the original painting into the print. I’ll be finishing it off tomorrow- wish me luck!



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