Making: New print

Artwalk. This Saturday and Sunday. Downtown Los Angeles at The Brewery. It’s always a great event with lots of great things to see. Come on down and say hello.

Here’s my second assignment for my screen printing class I’m taking at PCC, every class I pick up different tricks and tips (look out for gold foil on my prints in the near future!) This assignment we were to use two screens/film positives to create multiple colors on one print. I created two layers in photoshop and printed them out on transparency paper.


Here’s the finished print. 11×14 inches 6 layers, 8 colors How did I get all those colors out of just two film positives?  That is the magic of screen printing.

1. Taped off the cars and only printed the green star shape on the first screen.
2. Printed the whole thing red with the second screen.
3. Masked out the inside of the star and printed it again in blue covering all the background red with the second screen.
4. Created a stipple effect with black out mask stuff (kinda like nail polish) and printed a fade from pink to gray with the second screen.
5. Created more stipple effect with the green to white with the second screen.
6. Blocked out the star patterns and printed the cars in black over it all with the first screen.

I think that was it.. I was really only using one screen with both images on it so I was washing it and turning it around a bunch. I don’t totally love the colors (and I wish there was something going on behind the cars) but for 1 hour of photoshop work and a experiment it was a great learning process.

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