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Making: Process thread part 2

When we left off on monday we had printed our film positives, exposed our screens, prepped the paper and mixed all the colors to be ready to print.  The next step is to print. But first we need to set everything up to print. I know, why can’t we just get to it? Because we want something that turns out nice, that’s why.

2009-226-miriamdemaHere’s a close up pic of a tab and it’s registered paper. For every layer that I print I need to line up the paper with the screen in the clamps to get everything properly registered for the print.  Once that’s done, and the screen is taped off and our squeegee chosen we get to print!

2009-227-miriamdemaWhite paper all clean and ready to go!

2009-228-miriamdemaSqueegee pull of blue ink! That’s the whole background of the print. I could have printed the light colors first to hid a bit of the overlap but decided on this print to register everything against the back ground layer which meant printing the blue first. A little backwards but it worked for me here.

2009-229-miriamdemaI lift up the screen and looks good!
2009-230-miriamdemaAll racked and waiting to dry, his print is hopefully going to be an edition of 22.

 Now we can switch to the other screen that has all the other layers on it.
2009-231-miriamdemaPrinting the yellow!
2009-233-miriamdemaStill looks good.2009-234-miriamdemaAll racked and waiting to dry.

At this point I washed it off with a sponge so it would dry faster and I can print the next layer.


2009-237-miriamdemaIn the racks! Wash, clean, re-register, print, repeat…you’re starting to get the idea.

2009-238-miriamdemaRegistering the red layer- see the yellow and orange peeking through the screen.

2009-239-miriamdemaPrinting the red layer2009-240-miriamdemaStill looking good.2009-241-miriamdemaAll racked and waiting to dry.

2009-242-miriamdemaPrinting the skin tone layer.

2009-243-miriamdemaYep- keep going!2009-244-miriamdemaPinky beige layer racked and drying.2009-245-miriamdemaPrinting the green layer…are we done yet?

2009-247-miriamdema  Green all racked and waiting to dry.

2009-248-miriamdemaPrinting the gray
2009-249-miriamdemaGray – super blurry! Sorry about that.
2009-250-miriamdemaGray layer all racked and waiting to dry.

2009-251-miriamdemaLining up all the colors with the black layer-  the final layer! Where it all comes together!

All lined up and ready to print. Print the layer and what? What the heck is that? That weird thing printing on my print. So I lift up the screen and er…yep, it’s on the screen. Dang it! Clean off all the black which is a pain in the ass… take off all the tape…rack the paper so it’s out of the way.

2009-252-miriamdemaEr…crap! i think it might have been a pine needle the got into the exposure unit on the glass. well, that’s what i get for living in the woods. so to fix this delightful error i get out the emulsion and fill in the part that shouldn’t be letting ink through. then i let it dry in the light so it hardens a bit and i securely tape over it before i go to try to print the black layer again.


2009-254-miriamdemaSee, now it’s all blocked and ready to go. Let’s try this again.

2009-256-miriamdemaLook at all that black ink! what a mess that can get to be!!!

2009-257-miriamdemaBut no, it’s magical!!! it printed grand!!! yay!!!

2009-258-miriamdemaHere they are all waiting to dry. The next day, some final touch up, cut the paper down to size sign them all and take a picture of the final product. All 22 of them! It’s a small edition but that’s the way I like it. Only 21 people get to have one because I get to keep one as well.



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