Home: Fire watch 2009

This weekend we pretty much watched the fire. Watched it burn along the forest and close to our house. We stayed elsewhere saturday and sunday nights because it was pretty close to our house. We live a little bit off the road so we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to hear if they evacuated our area. Here’s some pics I took through out the weekend.


Here’s what it looked like when i went to mail a letter on thursday. This is looking over towards altadena when the fire was at about 800 acres.


Here’s the view thursday night from la canada where I go to the farmers market on saturdays. Maybe 1500 acres at this point- although it was likely bigger.

Friday we both worked and I think I forgot to take any pictures. We had our valuables with us because we were both 1/2 hour away from the house. I went out to get my student ID at PCC and worked on a gig in Pasadena. The view of the fires from the dam in altadena that night were huge- I might have tried to take a pic but everyone was standing around so it was safer to just concentrate on safely driving home. Through out the night the fire burned along the mountains and closer towards La Crescenta, Tujunga and Sunland. It was also burning out towards the forest in all directions.

This is the view from our yard as the fire reached the mountains behind our house on saturday afternoon. At this point the fire was about 40,000 acres I think. It got real big, real fast on saturday. Good friends helped me get one of our cars out and another friend took over for my guy at the sound gig he was working so he could home. We had our valuables packed up since friday so we loaded a few more things and went to stay in Pasadena.


Here’s the view from our yard as the actual hill behind our house was on fire. This was yesterday evening. The neighborhood directly adjacent to us was evacuated off and on all weekend. About this time it was over 40,000 acres but we didn’t hear till this morning that it was prolly closer to 80,000 as it was headed towards Acton on the other side of the forest.


Today all you can see is smoke. Lots and lots of smoke. This is the view from Foothill Blvd near Von’s in Sunland where you can normally look up and see the hill we live on. Last I heard the fire was also headed towards Mt.Wilson in the other direction still and is expected to hit 120,000 acres some time today.

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