Making: News of projects

Lot’s happening!  Thought I’d share some projects in the works around these parts.  I’m still working on my latest print edition- I really like them a lot so it makes up for the fact that they are taking a long time to finish.

I’ve been asked to participate in an ongoing project at EcoLA Gallery. It involves painting 1/3 of a full scale bill board. I’ve never painted a painting this large 10×13 feet so it’s pretty exciting! It will be put up on an actual bill board during the month of October above the gallery. I going tomorrow to start the project! I have to project the composition on the billboard and then I can start to paint it all in! Check out the link for info about the other billboards.
Super exciting and challenging!

I’ll be working on a screen print edition of the billboard piece to share with all of you as well. I’m pretty excited about the composition but it will have to be a surprise until the bill board is revealed. I’ll prolly try to sneak in some images of the work in progress to share with you all though.

I was accepted to the Beverly Hill Affaire in the Gardens show in October! Super classy and all Art focused! It will be two days- the third weekend, stay tuned for details!

Artwalk at The Brewery will be the 4th weekend in October!

October is shaping up to be Busy, Busy!!!

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