Going: San Diego field trip

Friday afternoon we hit the road and drove down to San Diego.


My fell was performing at a club right on the beach with his band The Mutaytor. I merched the merch booth and sold cd’s and t-shirts to all the awesome fans and enjoyed the sea air.  We stayed with some awesome friends of ours elsewhere in San Diego Friday night and met up for breakfast at a place called The Tractor Room. Loved the fig cocktail and giant bloody mary’s at The Tractor Room.
2009-194-miriamdemaWe headed up the coast on the way home to visit my friend Bethany’s studio in Encinitas called 42nd and Orange. It’s super cute! If you have a chance, stop in and see all the cutie things she makes!!!


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  1. bethany August 3, 2009 at 10:18 pm #

    we’re so glad you and the boy stopped by for a visit. mom can’t stop talking about your hat, she loves it. and i’m pretty sure she wants me to talk you into selling them wholesale.