Going: Sand by the Ton

What a whirlwind trip to the bay! We hit the road early Friday morning and headed up to Oakland. Before stopping at our friends place we were staying we had to get delicious fried chicken sandwiches at Bake Sale Betty’s and coffee at Cole coffee. Sitting in the mid afternoon sun and enjoying molasses cookies watching people come and go was just the chill way to slide into the weekend.2009-186-miriamdema After dropping her off we made our way back to Oakland for our only real nights sleep of the weekend. The next day my guy and I split up- he headed over to the American Steel warehouse to help with things for the event later and I headed into the city on my bike to meet up with more friends and spend my day wandering around.  So many great things to see. I even got to pop into the candy store where Holly works at called Miette and she hooked me up with some mighty fine chocolate and treats. Yay for friends in sugary places!

While the day was catching up with me I quickly hopped on my bike and headed back to the east bay to get ready for the Sand by the Ton party. So many awesome peeps were there, everyone looked amazing! My guy rocked his new striped swim outfit that I made for the show so hard, he looked fantastic! Every time I saw him it put a smile on my face. It was a long, long night…we got back to the house around 4am. I spend most of my time in TheMutaytormerch booth selling stuff and hocking my poster. If you popped by I tried to say hello but it was super hectic and loud! I still have some posters if you want one, get ’em before they go!

2009-188-miriamdemaphoto by Splat Worldwide
My guy on the far right playing the trombone and wearing his cool stripped outfit I made him.
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