Going: Downtown Los Angeles artwalk

I managed to ignore this odd cloudy southern California weather we are having here and ride to Pasadena where I met up with my fella after work. We made a quick trip south of downtown to pick up some newly re-meshed screens! Brand new sparkly white mesh! After picking up the screens we hot-footed it over to the downtown area to go to Downtown Artwalk. We got there just before six and it was grand to walk around before the crowds arrived.

Here’s some thoughts on what we saw. The first gallery we wandered into had a whole show taken with the quad camera on the iphone. Oh, they didn’t say it was the quad camera anywhere but it sure looked like it! The pics were cool but I really dig a slower shutter on quad so the pics look more different from one to one. We walked main street and stopped in at a outdoor art fair set up. A few vendors I’ve met before and some new things. I happened to look up and take this pic of the Hotel Rosslyn.

After hitting a number of spots I’ve been to before we ventured over to some galleries I hadn’t taken the time to stop in and I was super glad! Three little spaces in a row on 5th street: Phyllis Stein Art, Deborah Martin Gallery, Todd/Browning Gallery/Polyester totally worth going out of your way.

Phyllis Stein Art had a great show up of works on paper including combo works by Cody Hoyt that have silk screened elements. I really enjoyed this space and the rest of the works on display.

Two doors down from Phyllis Stein is the gallery and book store combo of Todd/Browning Gallery and Polyester. The photos on display were great and I hope to go back in July to check out their upcoming show “Crime and Punishment” vintage photographs. The book selection at Polyester is a bit like Wacko in that I wanted to buy pretty much every book in there!

We walked down towards Hive after that and stopped at g727 at 727 S. Spring Street to see a show Photocartographies:Tattered Fragments of the Map. We both really enjoyed this show, lots to look at and lots to talk about. I’ve put together my own pieces that have to do with large scale landscapes and it was great to see other impressions of landscape, maps and space all done with a contemporary eye. I couldn’t figure out from the website if it’s something that’s up for how much longer but go check it out. It’s a really well curated show!

Still more galleries, still more folks milling around!

We got into ARTY before too many people showed up to check out a joint show with Catherine Coan and Kathryne Layne Paxton. The photos by Kathryne Layne Paxton were super awesome! and I can’t find them anywhere on the internet, her site isn’t live so I’ll just have to describe them. Picture vintage photographs of various years and styles with tiny bits altered to show an animal as part of the photograph, either the main person in the photograph or something subtle or sly in the background.  After Arty we wandered around a bit more and then had a great dinner at Blossom. Watching people and hanging out, it was yummy and fun!

We made one last stop before we rolled out. We popped across the street to an Old Farmer’s & Merchant’s Bank that had a huge crowd of people. It was packed of people looking at a fantastic show of vintage and custom motorcycles.

Artwalk is super fun and even better if you get their early to be able to check out the art!

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  1. 42ndandorange June 13, 2009 at 10:09 am #

    miriam, i’m confused…you say you rode to pasadena (on a bike?), but then you say you and your guy went south of downtown to the artwalk…is that south of downtown pasadena or did you go to downtown los angeles?
    your photo of the hotel rosslyn is totally awesome.

  2. miriamdema June 13, 2009 at 11:44 am #

    hee- sorry for the confusion! i rode my bike to pasadena and then we drove to downtown los angeles for Artwalk.