Home: Hillsides and nature

A walk about our yard. I wandered up our hill to take some pictures of the great blooming yucca cactus that dot our hill and the surrounding countryside. I can see this one from my desk while I work.  I really like the shadow they cause all along the hills against the sky.




I got a wee bit distracted trying to figure out what these weird growths on one of our oak trees are. It took me a bit of reaching my arms above my head and trying to not slide down the hill but I managed to pry them away from the tree. I have learned that they are Oak Gall’s. A growth caused by a parasitic wasp who lays their eggs in the tree and it grows to look like that.  Sooo…now that I’m super creeped out by having waved these things over my head in an effort to get them off the tree.  Apparently I have to go check them thoroughly for holes to make sure the wasps have hatched from them! Nature, it’s awesome and wonderfully creepy all at the same time.
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