Making: Studio details

Into the photoshop glare. 5 layers into a print and still more to go! Working on some new prints as usual. poking, starting, squinting and generally puzzling over how things look in photoshop and how it might turn out in the final print.

i’m sure some folks plan everything out down to the last details and for simple band posters and such that’s a must and completly do-able. but when your tying to figure out how the inks will be in color and how transparant it gets kinda tricky…oh, and I hate to super plan out my colors…so I tend to work in black and white and work in the color later.

The next print I work on I’m gonna try to put together completly in color and then break it out into layers…ok, maybe the next print after this one…then I’ll really try that. oh, and I’m resolved to use a lot more clear base in my colors so the layers start to incorporate more…I promise, more clear base!

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