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Making: Gig poster

I printed up my first ever gig poster this past weekend, usually I work in limited edition art prints but I thought I’d be fun to make a print for The Mutaytor and the Sand By The Ton show they are doing in a few weeks in Oakland CA. I did all of the art for the poster except for the logo for the band and the event logo. The print is two layer red and black, 16×20 in and edition of 50. The event is giant themed party taking place in a 250,000 square foot warehouse in west oakland. There will be 200 tons of sand, 8 swimming pools, an indoor beach and 8 stages!!! It should be all kinds of awesome!!!

Thanks to Buck for sending me his art of the bands logo and the event logo and a big thanks to my guy who helped me in the studio to print fiifty of these beauties. They’ll be for sale at the event for $25.00 (with a cut going to the band) and in my etsy store.

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