Going: Los Angeles Mayan

This weekend I went on a number of awesome field trips around Los Angeles! Went to the LAHTF tour of The Mayan and The Belasco. Super awesome! It was great to see the nooks and crannies of The Mayan. The Belasco is going to be amazing when they finish remodeling it. It’s mid project now and it was super nice of them to let us tromp through to see what it looks like.

2009-157-miriamdemaThe Mayan

I met up with a girlfriend at the Folk and Craft Art Museum. I’d never been and it was a nice treat! It’s super small but we saw a nice exhibit on assemblages and after that we wandered over to LACMA. Usually when I go to LACMA it’s to see a special exhibit but this time we just ambled aimlessly checking things out which was super fun.

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