Love: unusual animals

2009-128-miriamdemaWhile sorting some old pictures recently I came across this image of a White Deer spotted in 2004 by the side of the road. JR and I were quite surprised to come across it, we tried to pull over to the road quietly and get out of the car without startling it. I’d never seen one before, I wonder how common they are?

I took a quick video at the time and made a flip book that’s pretty cool and friends get to flip through when they come to visit- it’s currently with a pile of flip books on our coffee table. It’s mostly of me trying to walk quietly across the meadow and then the deer sprinting away once it caught sight of us. Ah, wild life! I’ve never seen a White deer at our current home , though it might make me look a bit more kindly on them when they eat my plants…but then again, maybe not.

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