Making: New prints

Working on a few new pieces inspired from recent drawings and adventures. I’m thinking they’ll be big, in the 16″ x 20″ range which is always exciting. I’m totally getting into using halftones as layers in photo shop! I’m mostly self taught when it comes to photo shop and only recently gave up putting all my prints together by hand. Sometimes I wish I’d learned a lot more graphic design in college as I’m often bumbling along using photo shop and googling all at the same time to try to get to the results I want.

When I sit down to work on a new print I really try to push myself to make something modern and simple that will fit into a number of different decors. Then I get thoroughly distracted with my own sense of humor or a simple satisfaction in a shape or form. These days I’m trying to use a bit less found imagery and to create things from my mind’s eye. It’s a challenge but i find myself infinitely more pleased with the prints I’m putting out there when I do.

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