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Going: Los Angeles- how you shine

This past Saturday I went to my second theater tour of one of the historic theaters in downtown Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Theater! It is a fantastic beautiful example of the old theaters in the Broadway area of Los Angeles.

When I arrived they were playing old trailers on the big screen and it was just grand! After a presentation on the history of the theater we got a tour from the projector room all the way back down to the downstairs lounge and basement. One of the most amazing thing about the Los Angeles is how many public spaces it has in addition to the auditorium. The downstairs lounge is amazing! and the murals in the kids play room are original and very charming.

2009-125-miriamdemaI took a pic of this light fixture all lite up. The theaters are often quite dark so taking pictures is a bit tricky.
2009-126-miriamdemaHere’s the view from the projector room looking down to the big screen.
The tours the LAHTF are putting on are quite fantastic. I won’t be able to go next month but you should! Check out their website for more info.

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